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The Tektyte Log4.PoE is a unique test and measurement tool which provides logging, electrical test, and analysis of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power delivery systems in a way which is both a simple and accurate.

The device includes a full complement of features, normally found on more expensive test equipment, showing technical excellence in a field generally reserved for companies with 100 years of experience and international reach.

This compact tool is the smallest of its kind and provides a best-in-class measurement device where there was none previously.

Key Features


The Log4.PoE device solves a challenging technical problem by providing a method of inline power monitoring and logging in a form-factor which is small enough to fit in an adult’s palm.

The complex yet elegant bezel curvature provides both protection from impact and drops while also hiding a unique mounting system at the rear face which is hard to spot unless it is pointed out.

These seemingly simple features required new parametric design techniques to optimise and fabricate.


The IoT market is expected to grow to $1.1T in global revenue by 2025. Log4.PoE is designed to be used between modern PoE switches, routers, or power injectors, and new devices such as IoT gateways and AI edge devices to monitor power usage and optimise for energy efficient design.

By examining the power consumption of connected devices, we can help increase energy efficiency in homes and buildings thereby encouraging environmental sustainability.

The positive social impact it brings along with economical benefits incentivises engineers to adopt the product as the tool of choice for PoE powered IoT design optimisation.


The Log4.PoE could have simply been a box with no custom designed housing, only containing the bare minimum electronics necessary to read and display power readings in PoE systems.

The team of designers involved in the development of the Log4.PoE started out with a goal of improving on the state-of-the-art through a process of design.

This led to a beautifully simple housing which incorporated signature design elements which make it distinctive in the test and measurement market.

The resolved design packs many more useful features than the original brief demanded but allowed this tool to have a future.


The design considers ease of operation with user-centric mindset. Multi-colour alarm indicators, polarised inputs, self-explanatory switches, easy to scroll and press wheel, detailed LCD, and displays insightful data analytics. All of these are accessible using only one hand, ideal for technicians.

With modern PoE devices requiring higher power ratings, the importance of monitoring the stability of the system is becoming increasingly critical. To accommodate this trend, Log4.PoE is designed to operate with the highest of PoE power standard. With its unique features, the Log4.PoE creates a tool to benchmark system efficiency and integrity well into the future.


In addition to the hardware design, the Log4 system includes an advanced desktop PC software suite, compatible with all major operating systems.

This software allows for extended data logging and deep analysis of power delivery for even more efficiency improvements. The Log4.PoE therefore operates in either a standalone SD Card logging mode or PC connected mode, streaming an open communications protocol.

The concealed rear mounting system is designed to work with a unique bracket that can either be DIN Rail, Wall, or mounted in a custom rack system designed with user desktop space efficiency and cable access in mind.

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