TastyBeats – Celebrating Heart Rate Data with a Drinkable Spectacle


  • Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University


TastyBeats is a fountain-based interactive system that creates a fluidic spectacle of mixing sport drinks based on heart rate data of physical activity, which the user can later consume to replenish the loss of body fluids due to the physical activity. As such, TastyBeats contributes to the human energy cycle, where the energy, which is lost during the physical activity, is given back to the body in the form of a drink.

Key Features


Users (Value on Experience)
1) Fun, Enjoyment, Challenges
2) Social participation, Recognition.

System (Value on Investment) (to be written better)
1) Bridges Quantified self and nutritional food (sports drink) in a unique playful way
2) Better incentives to participate in gym and physical activity, to make Australia more healthier
3) Wider scope of engagement during public sporting events.
4) Nudges Australia to move more and tackle sedentary lifestyle in a playful way

Youtube / Vimeo

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