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The Talon is a pocket multitool that packs 17 tools and features to match.

Made from an advanced composite material that is normally used in aerospace and military application, it is 40% lighter than titanium, has the strength of die cast metal and won’t scratch your latest phone or tablet.

Design and made in Melbourne, Australia the Talon is unlike any other multitool on the market.

Key Features


Designed for a Modern Life

The Talon is a pocket multitool that adapts to the needs of the individual. By being able to customise its tools the Talon can suit any occasion from mountainbiking and snowboarding through to jobs around the house. Made from a advanced composite it is the only pocket sized multitool in the world that won’t scratch your technology.


Advancing Manufacture

The Talon was created to showcase that Australian design and manufacture was not only alive and well but able to compete globally. By investing in design from the very beginning the Talon was able to be produced at the same price as it would in other countries.



From the very beginning design has played an integral part in the Talons development. From user research and insights, through to advancing material and manufacturing capabilities. The design journey has created a solid foundation for TacticaGear to continue to deliver design led innovations globally.


A Global Demand

The Talon launched on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter and has seen demand flood in from around the world. It is set to become the highest funded multitool in crowdfunding history.

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