Tactica One Premium Bottle Opener


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The Tactica One is a premium bottle opener for your craft beers and ciders. With global demand increasing we wanted to reconnect the consumer with the premium drinking experience from the moment they pick it up. Taking inspiration from the smooth river rocks the Tactica One is highly tactile. It is made from a high tech polymer composite typically found in aerospace and military applications. It is extremely strong, ultra-lightweight and manufactured here in Melbourne.

Key Features


A human approach
Sick and tired of using sub-standard bottle openers on premium drinks we wanted the drinking experience to start from the moment the consumer picked up the Tactica One. A human centred design approach was taken which guided many of the design elements. From the tactile nature of the surface through to the use of material technology to push the limits of performance and manufacturing capability, the Tactica One embodies design thinking throughout.


A new experience
Many of the offerings currently to consumers lack the quality and premium nature to really compliment a premium drinking experience. After many hours of research, development and over 80 prototypes the Tactica One was created. The design was possible through strong collaboration between our material supplier and manufacturer. Understanding our quality requirements we worked together to deliver a product that was not only commercially competitive on a global scale but also delivered on a new user experience.


World first design
Through use of the latest material technology and manufacturing the Tactica One embodies a world class design approach throughout. It is made from a single material strong enough to handle any abuse, manufactured to exacting standards achieving exceptional surface quality and designed for ergonomic functionality with style to match any urban adventurer.


TACTICA: A design led brand
The importance of design in the development of the Tactica One cannot be underestimated. Not only was it used to develop Tactica’s first product but it was used to inform many of the business decisions. Being a new brand it was important to think differently, creatively in achieving market impact. As such aspects from crowd funding, social media marketing through to local production capabilities enabled a product and business that was globally competitive and ready.

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