Tactica M250 Hex Drive Toolkit


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The Tactica M250 is a lightweight, compact and versatile hex drive toolkit that can help you tackle problems head on. Made from a high tech aerospace composite, it\’s light enough to make it part of your everyday carry. It comes packed with 12 of the most common hex bits and 2 spare slots so that you can customise your carry. An integrated 50mm extender means that you can get to those hard to reach places and it complies with TSA requirements for air travel making it the perfect travelling companion.

Key Features


Working with our community we identified the need for an everyday tool that was lightweight, compact and adaptable. This problem was the foundation upon which the M250 was built. Utilising the latest in materials technology the M250 delivers in both functional demands as well as visual appeal to a broad demographic.
Highlights include:
– Materials utilized being 40% lighter than titanium
– Functional strength great than cast alloys
– Adaptable form delivering greater consumer choice
– Introduction of colour into a subdued marketplace
– Patent pending world first design


The introduction of the M250 has been a catalyst to the expansion of the range of products being offered by Tactica. The result has seen an dramatic increase in the demand and subsequent sales volume being generated. Tactica\’s unique approach to multiool design has always been received extremely well within the community. This ongoing connection ensures that end-user adoption is high and that any feedback is directly integrated into the iterative design process.


Tactica is a design led business that has seen over significant growth since its formation 3 years ago. Over this time the business itself has been designed from the ground up. Some of the areas covered include:
– Business structure and resourcing network framework
– Strategic partnerships and collaborators
– Manufacturing and logistics strategies
– Online and offline sales channels
– Crowdfunding community building methods


Tactica strive to deliver original innovations and the M250 is no different. We are the only multi tool company in the world utilising composite technology to create design that meet form and function in new ways. This forward thinking design approach has been the foundation upon which Tactica has been created and continues to deliver world first designs.

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