SWG STUDIO Project Booklet


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Our architectural and interior design practice profile needs to be on the social media these days as images are important tools for us to communicate with the public printed marketing material such as booklets or brochures can also help drive traffic to the online presence.

As human beings are tactile creatures that enjoy using all their senses, our printed project portfolio booklet gives the public something to touch and hold, something which the digital version cannot provide.

Key Features


Adopting the white geometric graphic element with the black back ground onto the front cover of our portfolio booklet as a holistic approach, is to interconnect between our digital and printed media.


Our project images are printed on A4 size pages so they are easy on the eye; texts are not used as the size and the clarity of the images are pretty self-explanatory.


The use of the yellow thread on the spine including the tail, and the added yellow transparent plastic on the front cover also link the booklet with our brand.

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