Swanston Street Plasma Lantern


  • City of Melbourne
  • Webb Australia
  • High Access Group
  • DCG Design


Swanston Street was closed to local traffic in 1992. In 2012 DDA compliant tram stops have been added. This allowed for a more contemporary strategy for this street. New slim line plasma fitting are aligned between the trees. The plasma lights were designed to provide a pedestrian feel to the street.

Key Features


The Swanston Street Light has been designed for pedestrians. The previous light in Swanston Street was more of a road light. The design team felt that a slim line pedestrian light was more appropriate to the new pedestrian environment in Swanston Street.
In order to achieve the slim lines a plasma lamp the size of a fish oil pill was utilised in the top of the fitting. The plasma lights last
12 years and have a depreciation of ten percent over the life of the lamp. .


The Swanston Street Plasma lantern is tall and slim and is nestled between the trees. The sideways effect of the plasma lantern illuminates the trees creating an illuminated corridor. The colour of the plasma light 4000K provides a moon light effect in Swanston Street, which has created positive feedback for the City of Melbourne. The use of a plasma globe is a first in Australia.

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