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The SwannOne system has been purposefully designed to be a simple, affordable, and expandable smart home system that puts control in the user’s hands. At the heart of the system is the smart Hub that can communicate with a range of Swann products and a host of third party devices. Everything is controlled via an intuitive smart phone app. The Hub and app humanise technology, moving away from the “black box” and consolidating a multitude of technological features into an approachable format and aesthetic that fits into modern homes and lifestyles.

Key Features


Users are not settling for less by purchasing the SwannOne over more expensive units. They can choose as many or few features as needed. The system is scalable and expandable to include more sensors including: motion, glass break, smoke and home energy usage. App-based remote control is available for door locks, lighting, video monitoring, thermostats and alarms. The SwannOne also enables cloud-based recording and remote monitoring service. All of this is enabled by the beautifully simple hardware Hub, and a free, intuitive mobile app that lets you easily program rule-based alerts and response actions and see into your home.


Working with overseas OEMs, Melbourne-based Swann has become the world’s largest supplier of DIY home security systems. Collaborating with Melbourne-based Outerspace Design gave Swann the expertise and confidence to develop a totally new kind of home automation system from the ground up, leveraging consumer insights, engineering, and international experience. Outerspace helped find the courage and vision to abandon the black box design and technical software, for a visual language comfortable in contemporary interiors and mobile app with the ease of use consumers appreciate. SwannOne represents a new platform for future product expansion.


SwannOne helps minimise energy consumption by scheduling and remotely controlling lights, appliances and heating/cooling, and measuring energy consumption. Sustainable by design, its classic aesthetics won’t fade with time or trends. The main presentation surface, the tray, is available in a range of durable materials such as Corian and timber that age gracefully. Encouraging product personalisation, expansion and reconfiguration increase its emotional connection with the user, and makes it future-proof, extending its useful life and postponing replacement. SwannOne can be e-recycled and is clearly labelled with a WEEE symbol. The retail packaging is also recyclable.


Design Excellence
The heart of the system is the Hub that feels at home in your home. With smooth edges, concealed fasteners and a distinct lack of buttons, lights and displays, it looks more like homewares than electronics. Under the tray is a vessel with a charging USB port for tidy storage. Plug in an external hard drive for an out of sight NVR to back up your data locally. Alternatively, store & charge personal items such as mobiles, cameras and bike lights. All data is encrypted and an internal battery secures operation in case of a power failure.


Design Impact
The SwannOne system propels Swann Communications’ entry into the growing home automation and “internet of things” (IoT) market. Launched privately at CES 2015, it’s been received with keen interest by new partners and strong international sales forecasts. Distribution has been picked up in the UK and Canada, in Australia by big box and online retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, MYER and Officeworks and in the US. Winning a Good Design Award boosted publicity and proved that a home grown, ambitious product vision and design solution can compete with the best, while setting a new benchmark for Swann.

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