Supernova – a Galactic Light




Supernova’s complex structure of luminous and obscure facets is inspired by the aftermath of a tremendous cosmic explosion. The light, shadow, movement and stability represents a frozen moment of the extreme energy of an exploding star. Supernova is designed to hover weightlessly in space, capturing that magic moment with intent, bringing quiet drama to a space.

Key Features


In order to develop the concept of capturing an exploding star in a static shape, we developed a specialised Parametric Modelling process, based on algorithmic thinking. Coming to our design from this unique perspective enables us to set up the structural geometry of the luminaire, determine the overall structural form and structural parts and propose various structural forms (ring, linear, etc.) to our clients. We then able to finalise the design outcome and produce fabrication data


Ensuing that the illumination from Supernova is glare free and effective required prototyping various diffuser materials and locations within the design. The Spiral sequence allows for the ideal distribution of light and minimisation of glare for a visually comfortable yet dramatic design that produces light in a 360° distribution in both ring and linear versions.


Supernova is not only a beautiful illuminated object, capturing a moment of the creation of energy, it is also uniquely resolved. Developing our own parametric modelling to enable the fitting to be constructed in any shape or size to suit any space allows Supernova to continue evolving, growing and shrinking. Taking my inspiration from a Supernova creating a stellar explosion of light, I have created a new light design that captures the essence of that dramatic event in a weightless moment of light.


With our Parametric Modelling process in place, we are able to enter the overall dimension and shape required for our client’s project and resolve millimetre perfect our specialised list of parts for fabrication. A fully customisable solution that utilises the benefits of known elements in fabrication allows us to produce truly unique luminaires for a plethora of projects worldwide.


The complex junctions that hold the facets of the Supernova together were a challenge to resolve and following many iterations, we developed a detailed 3D printable junction which produces a fully resolved solution for combining multiple materials and uniquely shaped parts.

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