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Supergraph, a new contemporary art and design fair asked us to develop a strong, industrial and friendly brand identity. Held within the Royal Exhibition Building, Supergraph featured various artist-run stalls, workshops, and both affordable and high-end artworks. We developed custom typography for the logotype, illustrations and a flexible design and signage system based on patterned perforated metals which represented the diversity of the fair and is re-usable for subsequent years. The yellow created a fun and strongly colour coded event which carried through to the responsive website design, various print material and exhibition design including a 12 metre metal sign.

Key Features


When considering the brand identity for Supergraph we developed custom typography in a strong industrial style for the logotype and a flexible brand identity system based on patterned perforated metals, representing the diversity of the fair. The design had to work for a myriad of outcomes varied from print (illustrations, a large A3 format brochure, cardboard mounted business cards, tickets, leaflets and street posters); to merchandise (patterned tea towels); exhibition and way finding design (external giant letters, indoor perforated metal signs, temporary fencing and cardboard); and fun responsive website design (providing easy viewing on mobile devices and desktop computers alike).


Signage was designed to be stored and re-used for subsequent years, providing a sustainable approach and a future cost saving to our client. The main event sign was the giant 1.5m x 12m long letters placed outside the Royal Exhibition Building. The sign provided strong event presence in the area and invited interactivity with the public, with visitors posing with the giant letters and sharing on Instagram (#supergraph) increasing awareness via social media. Indoor signage featured hired temporary fencing, arrow signs which click onto the hired fenceposts, perforated metal signage, and recycled board — all of which will be reused.


It was vital that the design and marketing for Supergraph not only speak to the target audience but also introduce and explain a completely new event. Alongside creating a flexibly branded and strongly colour coded event, we created illustrations which gave the viewer a sense of the personality of Supergraph, and featured (a) the Royal Exhibition Building site to give credibility and sense of event scale; and (b) a sense of the event itself — featuring artworks, a bar, artist workshops, featuring the target demographic (couples, friends, families).


With our design material Supergraph was able to confidently gain sponsors such as Yarra Trams and IKEA (etc), and boasted an attendance of 10,000 visitors over a weekend period for a first time event (when usual Royal Exhibition Building events attract approximately 4000-6000 attendees), with a 99% satisfaction rating in the event as a whole.

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