Stream is a light, welcoming dining table, designed for four people, to answer the growing question of the missing space nowadays in our living environment, without sacrificing on the aesthetic.

It is inspired by the image of arches spreading from one edge to the other joining through a flat surface pictured as a river stream.

Key Features


The lines

The most appealing feature of the table is its transitioning shape. Far from the usual rupture in a dining table between the legs and the table top, the lines and curves of the table travel from one bottom leg to the other giving the sensation of a whole.
The use of two glass shapes within the table top helps the user contemplating the piece till the bottom of the arched legs.


Techno-craft: the future of craftsmanship

While the table seems a one-off piece, it is in fact, created in several modelling software and therefore can have his parameters modified. Therefore, it could come in a 8, 10 seating version. The shape of the table is created through a process of stack lamination rebuilt in 3D thanks to the CNC.

Every stage of the making answers to a manufacture process where the craftsman intervenes only at the end for the assembly (only 4 pieces of hardware) and the finishes.

The use of CNC, electroplating and water-jet cutting makes of Stream a piece of Furniture from the 21st century.


End of life consideration

By trying to aim towards a process known as Life Cycle Thinking, I considered the various stages of a furniture’s life, from cradle to grave (or preferably to recycling or upcycling) to reduce the impact on the environment over the life of the product. As a piece of furniture design for a high end market, it is design to be used for a long period of time.

It could be a lifespan of at least 40 years but also a lot less because of the envy for the owner to change his/her interior. The flat bars being aluminium could be totally recycled, using then a fair amount of energy in the process, as the Tasmanian oak and the Mountain ash, once scrapped of the paint, could easily find a second life.


Tribute to American Art Deco

With the use of aluminium flat bars electroplated in copper (finished with gloss clear coat), the user can play with the reflection and experience the glory of the 1930’s piece of furniture of great American cities.

The 6mm toughened glass water-jet cut organic shapes give an unusual interaction to the guest, as seated he/she still can see the arched legs from inside. Finally the gloss black finish of the timber is a remember of the opulent period, giving to Stream at the same time, a classy timeless style.

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