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Stow High™, is an automated storage device, the first of its type that utilizes overhead wall space right up to the ceiling in residential garages to automatically lower and raise stored items via a push button switch to enable access at an ergonomic and adjustable height. This system removes the need for traditional bulky floor or wall mounted storage systems that get in the way as well as significantly increasing storage capability and ease of access for a broad range of users.

Key Features


Stow High’s enables consumers at the push of a button to store and easily access its contents at ergonomic and adjustable heights. Locating the device high on a wall generally above a consumer’s head height improves egress within a garage and makes the most of traditionally unused spaces.
Designed to lift heavy and bulky items means they can be stored out of the way, yet accessible with no manual handling difficulties associated with traditional shelf or fixed storage systems. The device will be of interest to a broad range of users, including those with mobility impairments or the elderly.


Residential houses and land lots have been shrinking in size since the early 1990’s. Motor vehicles have generally been increasing in size since the 1990’s. Architects face the challenge of Regulations as well as consumer requirements for garage circulation space. Consumers need to store all manner of items and these typically end up in the garage space through convenience. Existing storage systems utilise walls through hanging items or floor mounted modular system, which both get in the way. Stow High will be of particular interest to home owners, particularly those on smaller lot sizes in Australia and internationally.


Stow High is the first product of its type to combine lifting and lowering functionality with automation as a storage device within a home garage. The device is customizable by the consumer with shelf configurations and other modular bolt on devices such as a fold down work bench possible. Consumers can nominate internal and exterior finishes, colours and materials creating the possibility of transforming a garage into a personal experience with functionality.


Garage storage systems have remained much the same for decades with little consideration by manufacturers to innovate with technology to solve the underlining consumer problems regarding simple access to stored items whilst not restricting general access needs within garages.
The Stow High concept originated from a user’s request for his own storage problems to be addressed with this type of solution. Consultation and testing with consumers and industry resulted in a collaborated final design that is receiving accolades for innovation including the Be.Bendigo Invention + Innovation Awards 2019 winner for Outright, Open and People’s Choice Awards for innovation.


*Customizable colour options (internal and external) as well as exterior materials and finish
*No contact with lower portion of wall leaving no visible marks
*Customizable for consumers preferred access heights
*Simple installation with no specialised tools within 1 hour.
*Mains powered with direct plug into a power point

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