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Bendigo based start-up Stow High® , a graduate of the La Trobe University Accelerator Program, has designed and developed an innovative device that maximizes residential garage space whilst concurrently automating access so that stored contents are ergonomically accessible to users at the push of a button.
The Stow High device provides a consumer focused alternative to traditional bulky floor or wall mounted storage systems that get in the way as well as significantly increasing storage capability and ease of access.

Key Features


The Stow High appliance is an affordable and easily installed automated storage appliance that enables consumers to be able to utilize wall spaces in garages right up to the ceiling that would otherwise not be usable or practicable to access on a daily basis.
Through electric automation the case and the contents lower at the push of a remote control button within 20 seconds to enable user access to the contents at ground level.
The drive assembly is encased within the enclosure, and it leaves no marks on the wall surface below.
Its highly durable and customizable.


Having storage space as well as being able to easily access stored items is an issue for most homeowners, particularly as homes and garage are becoming smaller.
The Stow High appliance provides a low cost, easy to install and customizable appliance to enable consumers to be able to utilize all available space.
Integrating automation to enable the contents to be lowered at the push of a remote-control button provides flexibility, safety and easy access particularly for the elderly, children or mobility impaired.


Model E, is the first Stow High product and creating products that positively change consumers lives forever is at our core. The Stow High appliance is deliberately designed to be rugged, durable and above all functional for its intended environment and to fulfill its brief, that is making life simpler through use of automation.


Stow High is a world first automated storage appliance for garages that was inspired by a need to optimize limited storage whilst also providing quick access all within the one device. The unique design and functionality features evolved through user consultation. The appliance needs no permanent structure below the enclosure to function, is fully encased with the enclosure when closed and the wall below is not marked when opening. Lowering the contents means ladders or other devices are not required when accessing. The simple, functional design is durable, affordable and offers user options, which is a first in this type of storage application.


*Customization of exterior materials and finishes inc vinyl wraps (when cover installed).
*Programmable to optimize preferred access levels.
*Simple installation with no specialized tools within 1.5 hours.
*Mains powered with direct plug into a power point.
*Positional to users needs via unique wall mounting adjustable system
*Bolt on accessories eg fold down bench, bike lifting frame.

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