Storey Floors Branding


  • The Company You Keep


Storey Floors is a high-end Melbourne based oak floor manufacturer with a unique workflow, allowing for a collaborative approach to production and design. They specialise in crafted engineered timber floors, with both retail and trade facing operations.

Key Features


In naming and developing the brand we explored the etymology of “Stories”. Originating from meaning a building of layers – either in a structure; ground floor, first floor etc… or a narrative; beginning, middle, end – to reflect not only the environment their product inhabits, but the narratives that play out on it. A Storey floor becomes more than a ground cover, it becomes a stage for life to be played out on. The idea of revealing stories was further explored through the website animation where, on scroll, a zoom out takes the viewer from an abstract image to a contextual scene played out on the floor.


The trade sample kit played on language to become an aspirational “Storey Book” architects would want to pull off the shelf time and again.

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