Stomping Ground


  • Studio Y.


“Make it look 100 years old”.

This was the conceptual cornerstone for Stomping Ground. The idea was to create a beer garden, bar and exposed brewery with an interior dripping blue collar 1920s nostalgia. A rebellion from the refined tasting experience often associated with wine, this 1500 metre juggernaut is instead drenched in the blood sweat and tears that goes into making its beer.

We transformed this massive warehouse space, with its onsite brewery, central fireplaces, open kitchen and 20-plus beers on tap, into an intimate and friendly bar that’s quickly become a go-to destination for a wide customer demographic.

Key Features


Injected with vintage-industrial finishes and a steampunk aesthetic, the brief was to make the interior feel like it was 100 years old whilst using 2016 technology. We included everything from refurbished light fixtures found in an abandoned Belorussian football stadium, a large suspended beer menu over the bar which evokes a sign at Grand Central Station, two large fire places to fill the interior with smoked wood scent, replica vintage tram seats along the brewery wall, and a custom-built cubby house sits in the back of the beer garden almost like an extension of the foliage and timber accents.

Youtube / Vimeo

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