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The Stigma Stops Here campaign demonstrates how functional and engaging design has the ability to destigmatize talking about mental illness, one conversation at a time. The Stigma Stops Here campaign champions the idea that sporting clubs have the power to promote a safe environment for young people around Australia. Stigma Stops Here “on the track”, “on the field”, “on the road”, “on the court” builds a sense of belonging, togetherness, and support that empowers the sporting community to be a positive influence in creating a mentally healthy space for Aussie kids, teens and young adults who are at risk.

Key Features


Storyfolk responded to the mental health crisis with a multilayered awareness campaign targeted at-risk young people across Australia. We used OTLR community spirit and influence to amplify a sense of purpose and belonging into the campaign with smaller niche copy ending stigma in schools and sporting clubs. The intention was to use strong photography paired with impactful typography that invites the audience to be part of the “Stigma Stops Here” mission, one conversation at a time.


The Stigma Stops Here projects primary purpose was to end stigma in mental health for young people. The campaign utilised the power of community and social media to destigmatize mental health in sporting clubs to empower people to be a mental health champion, support their friends, and check-in on at-risk young people. The project empowered secondary school students across Western Australia to end stigma in their schools and sporting communities, one conversation through the awareness of resources and mental health education.


The Stigma Stops Here awareness campaign and tour of Western Australia demonstrate the life-changing power of design and how investing in human-centric ideas can truly have a positive impact in the community. By supporting the youth of today we are building a healthier and more accepting community of tomorrow.


Stigma Stops Here campaign demonstrates an innovative design approach by empowering at-risk young people to be a mental health champion to friends and loved ones. This message was amplified through inclusive language and visual design paired with face-to-face conversations with AFL champions showcasing vulnerability and walking-the-walk of mental illness. The Stigma Stops Here Tour involved a two-week road trip of Western Australian spreading much-needed mental health education and awareness to schools and sporting clubs.


The “STIGMA STOPS HERE TOUR” ​with Jake Edwards and Hawthorn Hawks legend Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico was a huge success providing valuable mental health education to schools, businesses, and sporting clubs across Western Australia.

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