Stealth Shovel


  • Troy Backhouse
  • John Pigitsaki


Shovel designs have addressed the handles in different forms but not for a long time has the blade been considered. The stealth shovel revolutionises the shovel blade as a more effective easier to use, transfer shovel. The stealth shovel has an added top blade which works with the bottom blade to control the quantity and weight of content you lift when shovelling or moving materials around. The blades have been designed with deliberate angles for easy release of materials when turning the shovel in a conventional twist action.

Key Features


By controlling loads it controls the amount of force we place on our back when lifting loads and therefore reduces ergonomic risk factors.
The control of weight carried means light and easy usability for everybody including the elderly and young, aiding manoeuvring of materials such as mulches, soils, stone and composts.


The top blade also means you have the ability to shovel consistent amounts with each shovel load. Ideal for use as a batching shovel in the construction industry.


The top blade also functions to allow you to carry materials around the house, garden and work place without spilling materials like you would with a traditional shovel.

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