Stealth Bucket


  • Troy Backhouse
  • John Pigitsaki


The Stealth Bucket has been designed to address issues of safety and consistency in mixing of raw building materials in the construction industry.

The new handle designs allow you to pick up the bucket from the top and bottom simultaneously.

By incorporating the bottom handle it allows for quick release and control of materials with your hands at a safe distance from hazards. Not only does it have a place in the construction, mining and automotive industry but is an easier to use bucket in the home and garden.

Key Features


The Stealth bucket has been designed to be a more functional bucket to use in the construction industry by implementing bottom handles to enhance safety and larger top handles to aid easier lifting. The curved contours of the handles integrate organically into the bucket to allow for a natural grip. With optional colours available and its aesthetically pleasing appearance the stealth bucket will comfortably translate across to the DIY market.


Industry Impact
The Stealth bucket has interest from a major Australian building company to be the preferred method for batching mortar. The top and bottom handles allow for easy lifting and emptying of materials into cement mixers, which will have an impact on time and safety.


Design Thinking
The Stealth bucket design has a revolutionary moulded bottom grip allowing for complete control and handling of the bucket. You can lift the bucket from the top handle to a comfortable height and then grab the bottom handle to transfer the load evenly to both arms. As you let go of the top handle the bucket will flip with the weight pouring the contents out while maintaining control with the bottom handle.

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