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The Stay tray is a solution to a decade’s old problem. Until now, if a customer required a tray to help carry their drinks anywhere beyond the place of purchase, the only option was a single-use cardboard or plastic tray. Stay tray is the sustainable solution to this problem, made from 100% recycled material, and made to be used again and again. Stay tray is a reusable drink tray that allows you to hold multiple drinks at a time comfortably in one hand, helping safely get from point A to B.

Key Features


Kate engaged Hone PD with a truly innovative market opportunity. Various concepts were explored with design consideration including functionality, weight, ergonomics, aesthetics, brand positioning, inclusive of materials & manufacturability. An end to end solution. The outcome created is a design which not only exceeded the client\’s expectation but provides the best possible user experience. The intricate design allows for hundreds of styles of reusable & disposable coffee cups, drink bottles, fast food drinks, juices etc. The design achieved provides greater reach & versatility, ensuring broad demographic reach and usage to the workplace, beach, sporting events, in the car etc.


The daily coffee run is becoming ubiquitous, with most carry trays being discarded after a single use. With China’s recent ban on foreign waste, it poses a challenge & potential crisis with Australia not currently possessing the capacity & infrastructure to process the amount of waste & recycling.
Stay tray will positively impact this space, focusing on reduce & reuse, assisting in reducing some of the 5 million tonnes of paper waste generated each year. Made from recycled polypropylene, the world’s waste is given a second life to responsibly protect & preserve our planet. A stylish, sustainable & affordable solution at $25.


Post engaging Hone PD, a number of detailed design modifications were made, stretching Stay tray’s versatility past the coffee run. Presenting opportunity for large multinationals to implement Stay tray to improve both safety & sustainability in their workplace, ie service of hot beverages inflight, the reusable solution for a drive-thru experience, fitting fast food beverages and desserts perfectly.

A dual solution was also identified to hide the production gate, creating efficiencies for printing & application of corporate logos with the centerpiece. This transformed the business opportunity, ensuring corporate branding is possible, & ultimately used as a marketing mechanic for B2B.


One of the design challenges in designing the Stay tray was accommodating the broadest possible range of cups and drinking vessels. This was critical in order to achieve the goal of eliminating the need for a disposable tray in various situations, and rather have one re-usable solution which is also critical for the ideal user experience. A multi-tier step-down system was developed to accommodate all geometries with flex fins to achieve this. Work was then done in collaboration with toolmakers to achieve the fine tolerances required to ensure desired function and longevity.


Stay tray is for your drinks + for the planet
Stay tray is 100% Australian in every way! In fact, we have kept everything within a 50km radius, design, tooling, marketing & manufacturing.
Versatile – Carries coffee cups, reusable & disposable, drink bottles, fast food drinks, juices, the list goes on
Earth Friendly – Made from 100% recycled material. Designed to be used again & again but also recyclable at end of life.
Lifeproof – UV Stable and dishwasher safe.
Stay tray is the proud innovation of a small family owned business on the Mornington Peninsula.

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