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In December 2019, the State Library Victoria re-opened its doors to unveil 13 incredible new spaces as part of a $88 million redevelopment. Liquorice was engaged to develop an above-the-line launch campaign to raise awareness of the new spaces among existing and new audiences and re-position State Library Victoria as the beating heart of Melbourne’s cultural landscape.

Traditionally, the Library had been perceived as a formal institution primarily used for reading, research and other academic purposes. The challenge was to change this perception and attract a new wave of users with spaces for children, start-ups, small business, and more.

Key Features


The State Library Victoria always was, and always will be \’the people’s university\’. With no barriers to access, all the public needs to bring is curiosity. This simple and evocative idea inspired us to develop a wordmark with an oversized O that acts as a dynamic window into the new spaces. A two-phase outdoor campaign coincided with the re-opening: phase one offered a glimpse of the new spaces, while phase two revealed them in all their grandeur. This was supported by a significant targeted digital campaign, plus branded merchandise, while large-scale banners adorned the facade of the Library.


“Entrusting Liquorice to create a visual identity for our ‘Just add curiosity’ campaign was easy. The team won us over with their professionalism and ability to craft a robust design for a big brand moment. The results were outstanding – dynamic, clever, adaptable and bold. The design delivered at every level. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.” – Stephanie Corne, Marketing Manager, State Library Victoria

The launch was a key moment in the State Library of Victoria’s history. And maximising visitation and awareness of this was key. Printed elements, like the bold portico banners, helped to ensure a rich on site experience, while providing an impactful campaign identity on the street. But far and away the main focus of the project was on the development of a comprehensive suite of digital marketing assets. Advertising through social and online saw us drive visitation without generating waste.


We were so proud to watch this campaign roll out across the city and online, and to see what a positive reception it has garnered in the media. If you haven’t visited the Library in a while, now is the perfect time to reacquaint yourself with this cultural touchstone.


It was important that the campaign lockup and graphic devices could be used across static and animated digital touch points, so we created an animated version of the primary lockup. We also created animated end-boards for video content and social media, giving the Library the flexibility to roll out additional animated content as needed. As part of the Library’s transformation, the new spaces featured large digital signage which provided the perfect opportunity to showcase these animations.

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