Starward Whisky


  • BTP
  • New World Whisky Distillery


BTP were presented with an extremely difficult challenge – to find something truly original to say in the whisky market, which is filled with established brands and well trodden narratives.

Starward Whisky – represents a new world where experience is respected but boundaries are challenged. It is the essence of a determination to explore, discover and enlighten.

A modern whisky made here in Victoria that is unshackled from tradition and age statements. Starward borrows from the past without being constrained by it, and combines it with the best Australia has to offer: our barley, our barrels, and our climate.

Key Features


The trajectory we found was that every part of the process was \’born in fire\’ – a path yet to be claimed. Starward is crafted from charring the inside of the sherry oak barrels, roasting the malt, and using water naturally distilled from a nearby extinct volcano. This lead on to the inspired naming of the product and distillery. Starward is so named for the nuclear fired fusion of the stars. Gold, a product of the birth of a star then informed the design, which includes firing real gold on the bottle.


The challenge was that we still needed to reflect whisky-packaging cues to manage the point of sale realities.

Due to the complexity of the brief, the client was committed to engaging with professionals to deliver the right response. This allowed for a fruitful relationship, which continues to transform the distillery\’s ideas into tangible products that not only look good but also sell.

The design of the product and how this impacts on the processes of the distillery is monumental. If the design was not functional and inline with how the product is bottled in house then it would have failed.


The packaging was such a critical part of the brand experience, from finding the perfect bottle to selecting the synthetic black corks, which in the end both came from Italy. There were so many individual elements that had to come together, even the over caps were produced in Portugal. The firing of real gold onto the bottles required numerous rounds of testing and adapting to achieve the desired results. We were fortunate to have a client that was willing and trusted us to push boundaries from a design perspective.


Technology was also an important part of the overall design and experience of the brand. We had the advantage of starting from scratch and as such had unique codes printed individually within each necktag allowing the purchaser to follow a link online and become a club member via proof of purchase – invitations to exclusive tastings, limited edition products and other promotions followed. The website is responsive, including a bespoke stockist section that allows the customer to search for the nearest location on their phone or tablet device.

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