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St Kilda Film Festival approached HIVE for creative that celebrated their 35th anniversary. Our main objectives were to show the multitude of stories being told at the festival while capturing the essence of the St Kilda area.

The hero image, a deep, multi-layered illustration made from cut paper, represented the depth of the festival and art-deco inspired elements added a touch of St Kilda charm.

Posters, venue signage, online advertising, webpage artwork, direct mail and a 70-page program booklet were created as part of the 2018 campaign.

Key Features


Aesthetically, the design carries a story book theme – intriguing and multi-layered with a playful palette. The art-deco aesthetic woven throughout is an homage to the festival’s home of St Kilda, loved by much of the festival’s audience.

Functionally, it was important to be clear to visitors from the get-go that the festival was a broad, 10-day celebration of short film that stretched beyond the opening night.

User experience was key in the 70-page program in particular, where we used colour and cut-out elements to differentiate between the range of sessions that feature in the festival.


The creative was well received by festival internal stakeholders and by the 13,000 attendees (and counting!) of the festival and its ongoing regional tour. Sessions following opening night were well attended and digitally the creative made a strong impression. Over the festival period the official festival website garnered over 113,000 views, and Facebook saw a total reach of 435,364 with 90 reactions per day on average.


The art-deco theme, which ties in so closely with the St Kilda location, is transforming the future creative direction of the St Kilda Film Festival. As the festival grows and begins to establish its own stronger brand, this visual aesthetic will act as a key brand element.


With a new story playing out on each spread, the festival program is the most comprehensive display of the creative themes with user experience at top of mind. One of our major objectives for the program was to improve usability as much as possible.

Efforts were made to condense each exciting session into a single page and, using a simple navigation device, we created the easiest program to navigate that the festival has had to date. Using the concept’s signature colour and cut-outs, there is something new to be discovered with every turn of a page.


Key features of the creative include a paper cut out illustration, layered to represent depth of festival program. The art-deco aesthetic pays tribute to the beautiful buildings found in the festival’s home of St Kilda. The overarching theme portrayed is of a storybook, a tip of the hat to the multitude of stories that play out on screens on each of the festival’s 10 days.

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