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Whether it’s in the classroom or on the web, St Catherine’s School is passionate about creating excellent experiences for past, present and future students. We raised our hand to help them do exactly that: by redesigning the digital aspect of life at St Catherine’s. In doing so, we built upon an existing partnership of over eight years.

Key Features


As one of the most prestigious girls’ schools in Melbourne, St Catherine’s maintains the highest quality both online and in the classroom. A segmented hierarchy of information funnels multiple users to the right content; whether a parent, staff member, student, future student, or alumna. Like a good lesson plan, the revised St Catherine’s site is clean, helpful and simple to navigate, without being overly prescriptive. Catering to the needs of a spectrum of audiences, the new site serves every member of the St Catherine’s community. It maintains the school’s distinctive values and aesthetic while refreshing them for the online space.


By refreshing the school’s presence to align with contemporary digital conventions, we reinforced community perception of St Catherine’s as a leading education institution. The new design streamlines various processes: from boarding and admissions, to enrollment enquiries, to updates for existing students via a parent portal. Dynamic, interactive content better conveys the experience of life at St Catherine’s by providing a tangible sense of the campus grounds. With enhanced functionality and aesthetics, the site creates an impressive prospect; since launch, St Catherine’s averages over 250 enquiries per month – around 34% of the school’s total enrolled student populace.


Redeveloping an online presence is about embracing new thinking, testing concepts, scribbling on whiteboards, analysing evidence and exploring ideas. It’s where technology and pedagogy come together. Similarly, after participating in a collaborative design process and seeing the value of digital development, St Catherine’s now offers a range of innovative technology-focussed lessons including coding workshops, 3D programming for animation, and application analysis. We have plans to involve staff in student workshops to further consolidate our partnership and reiterate the importance of considered technology design.


We designed and built something that consolidates St Catherine’s position at the forefront of the education community, but wouldn’t feel like a traditional school website. Like the campus itself, it’s where innovation and tradition collide. The educational sector is generally relatively conservative and somewhat disengaged when it comes to website design. Many schools simply recreate the internal newsletter notice boards that hang in their hallways and corridors. By departing from industry convention through a richer approach to content and design provisions for a wide range of potential audiences, we reiterated St Catherine’s position as a progressive, leading education provider.

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