SPLID Never Double Dip


  • Paul Mathis Design


A seamless product that tackles the germinal incidence of double dipping in particular to the application of foods. Cafes throughout the world serve sugar in communal sugar bowls which are often soiled through double dipped spoons which are often licked then used for second helpings.

SPLID is an interface that creates a conscious deterrent by way of lifting a lid that already has a spoon attached, the user will not be inclined to use their own spoon to double dip as the scene is set by the conspicuity of SPLID in ones hand.

Key Features


A seamless union of 2 everyday objects having a dual function while still being one object and resolving potential health violations by design.


Multiple applications with both simple non sealing LIFT-OFF models and airtight screw on TWIST-OFF models.


Commercial applications for example spice products or use as all-in one food jar and spoon for kids or camping.

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