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Sovereign Hill is an outdoor museum presenting the transformational story of Australia’s gold rush. It showcases the impact of the great 19th-century gold discoveries on the growth of Ballarat, and its transformation from a small pastoral settlement into a fine provincial city.

Continuing its position as a global leader in the living museum space, Sovereign Hill embarked on a digital transformation partnering with us to we create an immersive and illuminating platform that reflects the real-life experience of the Museum and assists visitors before, during and post-visit.

Key Features


Tasked with improving visitation to an important and significant place in Australian history, we knew a great experience starts with a good understanding of users.

Analytical evidence suggested customers were not following the ticket booking process to completion. Taking a human-centred design approach, we set out to find out the reasons and deliver a strategic approach to the problem. The insights led to the creation of various design iterations and prototypes, culminating in a working concept in just a few short weeks.


The digital presence has been been an immense success in terms of access to ticketing, increase entry and wayfinding through experiencing the museum. The journeys of families, tour groups, culture vultures, and education users along each touchpoint has been well received.

The ‘on-brand’ digital experience considered the target audience needs and dramatically increased online ticket purchases by 200%. In addition, we have helped expand revenue and average spend at the gift shop. By reducing wait times entering the museum, we helped improve the customer experience and journey.


The new platformed reflects the emergence of a digitally transformed Sovereign Hill.

The ticketing system integrations now allow for tickets to be purchased online and information to be stored securely.

As part of the new ticketing platform, we helped craft a tool to allows a visitor to initiate their booking process from third party sites and tie in with any marketing effort conducted.


Delving deep into the data, and building on existing customer research we could fully understand audience motivations, to facilitate an increase, not just conversions, but more importantly visitor satisfaction. Additionally, we were able to expose the many complementary features and experiences they had to offer.

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