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OFF GRID Solar is a modern simple all in one stand alone solar lighting solution. Designed to be the easiest set and forget light.
Built like a tank – fully encased to withstand the external elements – harsh weather conditions of heat, rain and hail, including an inbuilt optic control system to extend battery life, multiple adjustment axis points for optimal positioning and circuit protection to last.

Key Features


1 – Modern looking easy DIY Solar stand alone unit, set and forget SOLAR lighting solution. Appeals to consumers and commercial markets.

2 – Designed for multiple applications, from home use to rural to commercial use.

3 – Built tough to withstand the external environmental weather conditions Water, shock and insect resistant plus anti-corrosion

4 – Lighting to last – Larger solar panel and battery combined with optic control sensor to prolong the illumination life to up to 17 hours on a single charge.

5 – Unique release pressure values on the light and control box to release pressure.


1 – Social impact
– Sustainable solar powered lighting completely off grid
– Affordable and easy for any person.

2 – Commercial impact
– Multiple application use.
– Two sizes 4W and 10W models
– Set and forget ease of install, appeals to end user market
– Affordable long term lighting solution any one can afford.

3 – Environmental impact
– High efficiency of light will consume less electricity.
– Better controlled lighting reduces light pollution
– Built with the highest quality material and modular components for easy maintenance to prolong the product life cycle and less material wastage.
– No global warming emissions for the light hence reduction of carbon foot print.


The design was to focus on simplicity, durability, performance and sustainability.

1 – A process of trail and error to perfect the OFF GRID solar light for the Australian weather condition.
Australian heat is unlike the northern hemisphere, the biggest issue was the heat the light was absorbing, as a result we designed the one way pressure release valve on both the driver as well as the LED head. This valve has further extended the product life.

2 – A bigger solar panel to collect more charging light to prolong the power and have a better efficiency rate for charge/discharge.

3 – Set and forget design for no on going maintenance or running costs.

4 – OFF GRID is idea for residential and commercial applications.


1 – Built in Optic control system to increase the brightness levels as the ambient light decrease, resulting in prolonging battery life (up to 17 hours) and efficiency of power discharge.

2- Circuit protection of a unique one-way pressure release valve designed for the build up of heat and pressure from the summer sun.

3 – Durability of water, shock and insect resistant plus anti-corrosion protection.

4 – Polycarbonate lens to prevents clouding and yellowing from time and weather.

5 – Built with the highest quality material and modular components internally for easy maintenance and replacement parts to prolong the product life cycle and less material wastage for the environment. Plus a bigger solar panel to collect more charging sunlight in the cloudiest of days.


1 – Ability to install anywhere with only three screws.
2 – Two models 4W and 10W OFF GRID
3 – Fully adjustable for the sun location and light direction
4 – Adaptable to a large range of applications

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