Social Health Australia


  • The Edison Agency


Social Health Australia (SHA) is an independent unaligned charity dedicated to making social-emotional-existential support more widely available, especially for those impacted by social isolation and loneliness.

As a newly formed organisation, they approached The Edison Agency to support them in their endeavour of seeking DGR status and government funding. Realising the importance of a new visual identity and organisational positioning to establish a distinctive point of difference in market.

The Edison Agency agreed to support SHA in their journey as a reflection of our own purpose “… to use design as a platform to create positive change”.

Key Features


Through a human-centred approach to design, The Edison Agency created a visual language that spoke to the progressive proposition of SHA through an uplifting and inspiring visual language and tone of voice. The implementation of a contemporary colour palette solidifies SHA’s modern approach to traditional pastoral care through handcrafted Matisse inspired paper-cut symbols – a stark contrast to the forboding category norms. This design language has been crafted by people who care – for people who care, capturing the SHA’s core “human connections” messaging.


This project sets out to provide Social Health Australia a stronger platform to receive DGR status and government funding. In turn providing them with greater potential to facilitate their ongoing support to those impacted by social isolation and loneliness.


Since relaunching SHA have successfully been granted DGR status and are in the process of applying The Let’s Stay Connected Fund, developed by the Victorian Government to help communities to stay connected during the Coronavirus Pandemic and beyond. Allowing themselves greater potential to aid those in crisis and ensure that these individuals feel heard and understood, while facilitating further availability of social-emotional-existential support.


hrough the creation of an organisational identity and brand positioning that resonates with Government and future philanthropic contributors Social Health Australia are able to amplify the organisations personal empathic approach with a positive and playful brand voice that speaks to their audience – those impacted by trauma, grief and social isolation. Simultaneously communicating the core principal of ‘Meaningful Human Connection’ to convey legitimacy and trust while not taking itself too seriously. Ultimately reflecting a judgement free and inclusive ethos that celebrates an empathic society

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