I ski I board, therefore I see, snow where I want it, not where I don’t.

A gap exists in the snowsports industry for a simple yet effective way to keep goggles clear of snow and moisture.

The answer? SNOwiper!

A personal device worn on the wrist which is easy to use and easy to wear.

Keep your goggles clear so you can enjoy your day!

Key Features


1. Shape – the simple design is pleasing to the eye.

SNOwiper is easy to hold between thumb and forefinger when wearing padded gloves.

It is attached to a sturdy latex band which has been thoroughly tested for strength and longevity. Worn around the wrist, the band will not leave any colour or residue and is easy to slide on over gloves. A metal clamp was added during the design process to ensure the band does not pull apart.

Both the SNOwper and the band were tested in -20deg temperatures to ensure strength and durability.


2. Logo – the Registered Trademark is a unique identifier that clearly defines the use of the product.

There is no need for superfluous explanations.


3. Colour – modern production methods allow for SNOwiper to be manufactured in any colour combination.

The initial colours ‘deep sky & sakura’, ‘mekan & snow’, ‘neon & fire’ appeal to the Japanese market in time for the 2016-2017 winter season.


4. Marketing potential – for a minimum order amount, any logo can be embossed on one side of the product, with the SNOwiper logo on the other.

The buyer has a choice of any colour scheme to match their logo/branding.

SNOwiper can be sold as a marketing item or given away at promotional events, to sponsors, or to personalities in the snowsports industry for endorsements.

It can also be used as a saleable item for charities and fundraising events.


5. Useability – a product for the snowsports industry that EVERYONE needs.

Even on sunny days in the snow country there is the ever-present potential for goggles to become coated in snow or moisture.

It takes time to remove cloth or tissue from one’s pocket and is a cumbersome task when wearing gloves.

Not only does a coating of snow or moisture reduce visibility, it can be dangerous too.

SNOwiper alleviates the potential hazard by clearing snow and moisture from the goggles immediately, so the snowsports enthusiast can clearly continue on their way.

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