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Snooze is Australia’s leading bedroom lifestyle retailer, with over 85 stores nationwide. With this latest incarnation of its website, Snooze has launched into selling its products online.

Snooze’s brief was to build a world-standard e-commerce platform, focused on high average order value selling.

It was Snooze and Get Started’s shared aim to develop a site that would not just be the leading bedding site in Australia, but around the globe.

Key Features


Highly customised checkout process
The checkout enables a customer to give detailed information about shipping specifications, including type of house, whether there’s room to park a truck etc to ensure smooth delivery. Customers can also elect to have the item assembled. Checkout can be completed as a member or a guest. If a returning customer is logged in, key details will automatically pre-populate to streamline the checkout process. Behind the scenes, Experian address validation calculates the nearest local store to fulfill the order and provides Mosaic data that will later be used by Snooze for content segmentation.


Accelerated product browsing
Product browsing on the new site features real-time filtering using React JS, providing customers with a way to quickly access filtered product information without having to wait for the page to reload. This seamless experience enables customers to sift through hundreds of different styles, colours and types of product very quickly, getting them to what they’re looking for without getting in their way. The use of React also means that the user can copy and share the URL of the filtered version of a page, further giving the impression of a custom experience.


Multi-dimensional product information
On the product detail pages, we aimed to really push the kind of content that could be displayed for a product, attempting to give each product a story, the way a Snooze team member would in store. There is now in-depth details, including how the product is made, the inspiration behind it, information about the ‘makers’ as well as relevant blog articles and styling inspiration, care information, dimensions and features, and associated services (e.g. assembly and delivery).


User-friendly interface
A comprehensive set of interface guidelines was created for both design and development teams to ensure easy updates to elements and quick communication. Focus was given to calls to action and labels to ensure using the interface was like visiting a Snooze store in person. And elements of the older interface were softened to ensure a friendly and helpful ‘feel’.


Highly customisable content areas
The retail world moves fast so Snooze needed a homepage that could bend and flex with its marketing requirements. Our solution was an ultra-flexible homepage made from a variety of different widgets, layered like a cake. This allows the Snooze marketing team to easily and quickly update the homepage in line with campaign collateral and respond quickly to any sudden market shifts or trends.

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