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Snap Lighting makes changing entire light fittings easier and safer than changing a light bulb – no tools and no electricians.

Something that takes licenced professionals over half an hour can now be done safely by anyone in 5 seconds – simply push in, and push out to go from LED downlights, to trendy cafe pendants, to anything.

It makes light fittings less of a permanent fixture, and more a decorative item regularly updated to match current styles, tastes and technologies.

In addition to homeowners, it opens up completely new markets such as renters, function venues, retail shop fronts, cafes, and more.

Key Features


Snap Lighting’s main purpose is to eliminate the extremely negative user experience of changing light fittings – mess, expense, time, hassle, danger – and replace it with a delightful, seamless experience.

Changing a Snap Lighting fitting is safer than changing a light bulb. Is finger-safe with the power on, has RCM (c-tick) and meets safety standard AS NZS 60598 (tested by TUV Rheinland).

In addition to recyclable polymers used, the easy changeability of Snap Lighting opens a new market in second hand light fittings, thus reducing waste to landfill.


Snap Lighting can positively increase safety in the community by reducing electrical accidents and reducing time spent up ladders (an installation pole is in development to eliminate the need for ladders altogether). Ladder falls account for the greatest number of fall-related injuries and fatalities in Australia, and electrical injuries hospitalize over 500 Australians per year.


Snap Lighting is a world-first. It was designed, prototyped, tested and assembled in Melbourne by experienced professional engineer and industrial designer Adam Cusick. It showcases the skills, capabilities and creativity of the Melbourne product design industry.


Snap Lighting addresses the problems with hard-wired light fittings – they’re unsafe to install, you need an expensive licenced electrician to install them, you need time off work to be home for the electrician, and then they\’re permanent. That’s a big commitment for a homeowner, and not an option for renters.

Snap Lighting’s number one design priority, besides safety, is ease of use and delightful user experience. To this end Snap Lighting has ground breaking design features such as the push-in, push-out instant installation method (patented in Australia, USA, Europe, UK, Canada, and China) and tool-less pendant height adjustment.


Additional intelligent design features:

– Many parts are designed symmetrically such that two identical halves make up a whole. This halves injection mould costs and reduces initial financial risk while in the prototype stages. It also simplifies logistics, assembly and inventory management in production.

– Excluding the long retention screws, all parts are assembled using the one type and length of screw. This also simplifies logistics, assembly and inventory management and reduces potential assembly errors.

– The simple push in, push out mechanisms means a simple pole holder can be used to install the fittings instead of climbing a ladder (in development).

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