slimline condenser


  • bird de la coeur architect p/l


the product is a slimline condenser. it is suitable for use in apartment buildings where balcony space is a premium. it is innovative in the following ways: type of fan used, arrangement of fans, it is aesthetically pleasing, has low noise output, addresses an number of safety issues and is thin and unobtrusive. it can be soffit mounted or mounted as part of the balcony divider. we hold the patent.

Key Features


currently condensers for apartment buildings sit on the balcony, they look ugly, are noisy and present a climbing hazard for children. the slimline is thin and can be mounted vertically or horizontally giving designers a variety of design solutions for location and finish. the face panel can be any material/finish as the air flow through the equipment is lateral and the grille arrangement is concealed.

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