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The Slimline Condenser is a refined condenser unit 100mm in depth, designed to maximise usable space and increase safety. Specifically designed to cater for tight spatial situations, such as balconies on apartments, where usable private open space is of a premium. It is suitable for all applications and eliminates unsightly cassettes.

Traditional condenser components have been repackaged into a thin sleek casing and the fan technology has been upgraded to an air-blade. The unit is then capable of being mounted vertically, horizontally and as a divider wall.

A variety of casing finishes allow for excellent integration into the overall design.

Key Features


The design reimagines, interrogates and rearranges the basic components of a condenser in a lateral and innovative way.

The air-blade technology allows the traditional mechanical housing to be relocated to the base of the unit, with the hot air flow redirected away from the user.

The unit is a visually unobtrusive, takes up minimal or no space on the balcony [if soffit mounted], is quiet, safe and eliminates bulky condensers. The Slimline Condenser design – is not a climbing hazard – as many existing units are, the design therefore addresses public safety issues directly.


With building approvals in Australia recently sitting at 100,000 p.a. and increasing with population growth, there is demand for higher density housing including apartments.

The balcony of an apartment provides the primary private open space, so it is imperative that it be safe, uncluttered and usable. The Slimline Condenser is the only product that addresses these issues.

The Slimline Condenser is an attractive and unobtrusive solution in the growing medium and high-density market in Australia and internationally.

The Slimline Condenser’s features will facilitate a design led transformation of the industry, putting known and proven technologies into an aesthetically appealing package.


The condenser shows how design thinking can laterally solve the problem of safety, utility and aesthetic quality in air-conditioning. It reimagines components of existing and proven technologies.

The main body consists of a casing that can be matched in colour and finish to its surroundings, housed inside the casing are the cooling coils. The casing is designed to induce the Coander Effect. The casing sits on top of the mechanical housing in which the compressor, motor and impeller are located. An air-blade arrangement is located at one end with sufficient spacing to allow the induced air to enter the airflow.


The Slimline Condenser uses an air-blade technology, rather than a traditional radial fan. The fan type and configuration of the base components allows for a rethink of the basic design package into a streamlined and industrial designed product.

Traditional condensers have no ability for their casing to be customised to suit the aesthetic of the surroundings, due the free air requirements necessary for the efficient operation of the unit.

The Slimline Condenser’s attributes facilitate customisation of the visible faces, having the free air component perpendicular to the visual component.

All the components are proven technologies.


Currently available condenser units that sit on balconies take up valuable outdoor private open space and can be climbing risks if they are placed too close to the balustrade.

Traditional condensers are currently unsightly and contribute to visual pollution’ of the built environment. The slimline solution is streamlined, unobtrusive and an attractive piece of industrial design that is safe, having no moving parts, and will appeal to a wide range of users.

The Slimline Condenser’s characteristics allow the unit to be mounted unobtrusively in a variety of orientations.

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