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SlideBot is a web-based presentation design tool that creates bespoke, powerful presentations for the user in a matter of seconds.

The entire design process has been codified utilising over 10,000 design rules and more than 25 million images, which means presentations are no longer reliant upon pre-existing templates. SlideBot is the first of its kind to completely automate this process without the need for any input from the user, which means beautiful presentations are now accessible to anyone irrespective of their previous design experience. The SlideBot tool does not seek to replace designers, but rather to empower the designer in everyone, improving our collective design capability.

The best way to think of the SlideBot tool is as your own personal slide designer.

Key Features


Uniquely-tailored design: The presentations created by SlideBot are completely unique. Driven entirely by the users content and customisations, we built an algorithmic design engine that uses natural language processing to understand context and select appropriate images, randomised and weighted by quality. If suitable images are found, they are analysed automatically to determine the most appropriate position for text to be placed (e.g. working like a human designer to analyse colours, grid positioning, facial features etc.); manipulating and resizing text; and, inserting design elements like coloured overlays if necessary. Developing this process required distilling the design process into a number of modules that work harmoniously together.


Built for high impact: The SlideBot design tool is used widely by speakers at some of the most prestigious conferences in the world including the World Business Forum, SXSW, the Global Womens Leadership Summit, along with numerous TEDx events. It has been adopted by professionals and educators to prepare powerful visuals, particularly those in fields with a human, learning or strategic focus. Our customers have found that it has changed the way they think about the visual side of their delivery; allowing them to quickly test and iterate through design concepts at a standard expected of those speaking at high-profile events, without the need for design training.


Transformative design: Traditional design processes are frequently slowed down by minor iterations delayed by endless client feedback loops. To address this, the SlideBot tool uses cloud-based infrastructure to focus on speed, allowing presentations to be completed in minutes, not hours. For individuals, this means they can spend their time focusing on their message, knowing that the design of their slides will be taken care of instantly (e.g. through automatic adjustment of layout and colours, selection of images, or placement of text). For organisations, this means they can realise significant productivity gains through use of the tool. The SlideBot tool can both import from and export to editable Powerpoint, acting as a smart conduit within existing business processes.


An innovative approach: The SlideBot design tool is driven by a real-time design engine with thousands of design rules (covering layout, colours and typography), codified from the knowledge and experience of human designers. Taking this a step further, the engine itself learns from the layout and image changes made by users, resulting in the potential for complex applied design solutions. For example, through associative linking the system prioritises images that are favoured by others visualising similiar concepts. The combination of these elements means that users can rely on the SlideBot tool to instantly create for them unique and powerful slides that they can quickly modify if necessary to meet their design objectives, significantly increasing productivity.

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