Sky Over Water, Lakeside Apartments


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Sky over water is a sculpture designed for the entrance of Lakeside Apartments, Albert Park. The piece draws its name from the endless views from the apartments over Albert Park Lake and Port Philip Bay. The sculpture integrates at the base of the building, connecting it to Kings Way. Designed to work in the round, Sky Over Water is constructed from steel and mirror. The bolt of blue responds to the inlaid LED lighting that continuously changes tone and hue in evening light. The mirror reflects the stream of car lights, animating to reflect the bustle of the street.

Key Features


Designing the piece in consultation with the City of Port Philip, Diadem (signage and light consultants), Hickory (Builders) and Fender Katsalidis (the building’s architects) enabled us to maximise the project. It was designed using a series of processes. From the first-hand drawing of the concept to the creation of 1.32 scale model, ArchiCad renders, and then 1:1 section model we were able to plot the experience and dial up the impact. Leading the creative team, Clear was involved from concept to completion, to ensure every detail was right.


A creative placemaking project, Sky Over Water stands at 3×6 metres square. The sun and seasons are reflected on the Klein Blue paint, responsive to morning light. The vibrant and iridescent blue is complemented at night by the LED uplighting. This combination of elements creates ambiguity between hard surfaces and impossible colour. The forest of metal rods, running up to full height, obscures the wrap of mirror. The closeness of the rods isolate the reflections that animate when walking around the work.


Sky Over Water wraps the fire stair core leading up from the car park, concealing what would be stark concrete blocks. The transformative effect is a dramatic feature piece that announces the building. Located centrally to the courtyard entry of the building, the positioning ensures freedom to walk a full 360 degrees around the sculpture. At street level, the piece is an ambiguous, curious sculpture that most would pass by fleetingly – driving at 60 kilometres an hour. The view from the lobby, however, provides a reflective and ever-changing curtain over the view of the busy street.


Public Art can divide opinion due to its undefined intent and (sometimes) complete ambiguity. Clear set out to create a piece that was to be experienced. Designed to engage, to be dramatic and fearlessly contemporary, but also to have a point of view. Innovation is delivered in Sky Over Water’s bold presence, scale and creative use of materials. The design and final form successfully engage from all angles of the space, while responding to all lighting conditions over every season.

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