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Six Park is an investment-based financial services company specialising in robo-advisory and self-managed super funds (SMSF). We redesigned and developed Six Park’s website to enhance the user experience for two key user groups: tech-savvy millennials and high-income earners seeking low maintenance SMSF management.

The resulting website provides a considered and slick UX, and uses accessible language and striking design to educate on programmatic funds management, convey the benefits of Six Park, and streamline the on boarding process by optimising for lead generation and conversion.

Since launch, Six Park traffic has increased by 56% and customer conversions by 87%.

Key Features


Six Park’s previous visual language and colour palette lacked design finesse and elegance, making it hard for the business to compete with other big players in the fin-tech arena. Further, the creative direction failed to convey Six Park’s professionalism and reputation for innovation. We developed a visual style that felt more contemporary and accessible without assuming or belittling a user’s existing sector knowledge.


Differences between Six Park’s two target audiences (general investors and those wanting a better way to invest their SMSF) meant we had to strike an appropriate balance between conveying the value and excitement of a robo-adviser, and the want and need to showcase the experience and expertise of the Six Park team. Our digital strategists and UX designers made sure everything from the website’s information architecture to navigation, illustrations, and iconography honoured this requirement.


To position Six Park as a leader in the robo-adviser and SMSF space, we used social proofing to articulate the company’s unique sales proposition and compel users to trial the product. Team bios showcase credentials and experience, while testimonials from Six Park customers and media features support its legitimacy and lend further credibility.


The ability to easily comprehend a sometimes complex topic was a core consideration for the website. Determining a progression through key messages, features, and benefits resulted in tight copywriting that focused on key points and offered a linear, intuitive progression through key pages and onwards to target actions.


Six Park users have confidence their personal information and privacy is protected. On arrival to the Six Park site, users are prompted to input their current annual income and age. At this stage, users are still anonymous and no personal data other than their answer is stored. On completion, the user is routed to a marketing site, where a secure third-party vendor hosts and manages the financial risk assessment process.

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