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Tasmania has fast become a foodie destination as the next generation of restaurateurs focus on fresh produce and good design to bring the community together. We designed a modern, friendly and vibrant brand inspired by our recent travels to the tropical paradise of Tulum and the lichen-covered coastline of Tasmania.

Key Features


Sisterhood is one of Tasmania’s newest hospitality offerings, located in the waterfront suburb of Sandy Bay, Hobart. Our client wanted to create a timeless, fun and vibrant restaurant-café that customers can frequent daily to enjoy good food and friendly service.

Looking to the coastal setting, we created a casual and easy-going environment and experience that feels like a tropical destination in the comfort of a local community with a brand that is fun, welcoming and elevates the overall hospitality experience.


In developing key messages of inclusiveness and positivity, our iconic peach motif is translated across wayfinding and collateral as a reminder that when things are peachy, they are wonderful! A bright multi-coloured peach neon greets customers at the entrance with striking wayfinding. Continuing the Sisterhood bond, restrooms are identified for our Sisters and Brothers of the community.

Inspired by our interior scheme from the textural elements, to the warm timber and rattan, the lush rainforests of Tulum, and the lichen-covered rocky coastline of Tasmania, the brand is a constant reminder that a friendly and inclusive community is just around the corner at Sisterhood.


The logo expresses the bonds of friendships, the underline represents the strong foundation that links all individuals together. This supportiveness and inclusiveness continue in the brand language with playful puns and messages of positive reinforcement: “You’ve got a peach of my heart” and “We make a great pear.”

We wanted to create a sense of belonging – it’s about bringing people together in a space that feels warm and inviting – the makings of a real community.


The design is inspired by a recent trip to Tulum, where food, design and community are at the forefront of its tranquillity and charm. Layering textures and earthy tones we created an elegant and calming space to reflect the coastal location and imbue a sense of nostalgia for a holiday escape.

With a unified approach to design we are able to strengthen the customer experience and design outcome. Combining the essence of the brand with the built-form we were able to reinvent the shopfront exterior and give presence to the restaurant-café in its locality.


Food and friendship have always brought people together, and now locals, visitors and tourists are coming to Tasmania to enjoy the high-quality food it delivers.

Sisterhood is a new vacation-inspired destination in Australia’s southernmost city, and its warm and welcoming environment is bringing the community together through good food and friendship.

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