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Signature Oysters is a start up business. Next Marketing helped Signature Oysters launch and create an effective brand that has, in less than three months, changed the status quo, challenged the way oysters are marketed in Australia and allowed Signature Oysters to compete effectively as a respected player in the Melbourne foodie scene – a notoriously difficult market to break into.

The success of Signature Oysters has revolutionised the Oyster industry in Australia, set a new benchmark of quality and marketing for the industry and allowed small oyster farmers to compete effectively and bring their products to market.

Key Features


Design Excellence – the main challenge was finding a way to create a premium brand yet still maintaining the provincial, down to earth feel of the farmers. Next Marketing also had to create and maintain a consistent brand image across multiple platforms, print and digital.

Much of the initial branding was created around photographs that were taken of the farmers on location on their farms. From this, a variety of branding materials were then created to be visually appealing to the target market consumers (high end chefs and foodies) while keeping the connection with the oyster farmers themselves.


Design Impact

The design of the Signature Oysters branding has had a huge impact on the success of their launch and contributed significantly to their early growth. While there are a number of other seafood wholesalers in Melbourne, none of them have focused on branding to the extent that Signature Oysters has. Key competitors are liking and following the digital marketing presence that Next Marketing creates on a daily basis for Signature Oysters.

The Signature Oysters branding has increased the visibility of the oyster farmers and has also helped them grow their own businesses. By sending profits back to the farmers, Signature Oysters is helping to support and revolutionise an entire industry


Design Transformation

Because Signature Oysters is primarily focused on marketing, the design of their branding has been crucial to every aspect of their business. Ewan McAsh, Signature Oyster Director and Framer challenged Next Marketing from the early days, asking, “What vision do you have for the brand?” From the online ordering facility on their website to a chefs kit, to over 30 farmer flyers and brochures, the Next Marketing vision has been at the forefront of Signature Oysters’ brand executions and business processes.

For example, the farmer brochures are included in each box of oysters gives the chefs something tangible to relate to the individual farmers and also makes it easier for chefs to order oysters from particular regions while placing the farmers at the centre of all the branding helps them build their visibility.


Design Innovation

Because Signature Oysters had to stand out and make a quick and significant impact in a competitive industry, innovation was key to the success of the branding. Instead of using stock images and images of overseas farms (as the branding of oysters in the US is much stronger than traditionally in Australia), we used beautiful, original photography of the Signature Oysters farmers and everything was printed on recycled craft stock.

The Next Marketing design approach gives a quality yet rustic feel to the brand that is unique in the industry. The distinctive colour palette, oyster pattern and stunning photography were used across all platforms to create a consistent appearance and enhance the brand’s message.

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