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Sightseeing Tours Australia is a travel website built to help you plan your ultimate Aussie adventure.

Every year Australia is a popular destination for visitors and tourists around the world. But with so many beautiful cities and captivating experiences, finding the one that fulfils your desires and meets your budgets can be overwhelming. As such, our aim was to create a seamless and intuitive website that commendably optimized the unique experiences Australia has to offer.

Key Features


A simplistic yet engaging homepage was our priority. As such, the website was built to engage visitors from the moment they land on the homepage.

A navigation bar was designed and positioned in the header to let visitors start their journey. From there a visitor can select a departure location, destination or both.


The site uses an interactive map. The map was built using a Google Maps IPA and populated with the company’s tours.

Here, visitors are able to browse the available tours or narrow their search by selecting a preferred destination, attraction or trip length. Now it’s just a matter of choosing where to go.


The journey takes them to a tour page.

Here, visitors can learn about specific tour details. This page has an integrated booking system to check tour availability helping them make an informed decision and book their next holiday in Australia.


During our research, we found that an interested individual spent a lot of time researching tourism activities in Australia.

However, the plethora of information available on the topic makes this task overwhelming at times. This discovery provided the foundation to create and build a holistic solution; a go-to destination for all things travel including content, information, and tips that could be navigated to seamlessly.


The need to be accessible and user-friendly across devices also created an interesting design challenge. Building out our creative ideas from a smaller screen helped to combat this and create an intuitive experience within the limited parameters of each device.

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