ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease


  • BAT Logic
  • Charlwood Design


The shoe Plate Pro Quick Release system is for high performance compertition rowing.

Biomechanics and sports medicine research based design provides gains to foot stability, connection, muscle use and firing efficiency, power increases and reduced injury risk factors.

The QuickRelease feature enhances boat and ergo use and increases hygiene in the boat house. It has changed the approach to foot stretchers in the sport of rowing.

It allows rowers to quickly change their unique setup to other seats and boats quickly and accurately.

Used by winners of:
4 Gold Medales-London Olympics 2012
210+ World Level Medals

Key Features


ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease:
-Unique clip out/clip in system allows athletes to use their own shoes and swap seats/boats/ergs
-Only single material based cleat in the sport
-Lightest cleat system in rowing


The system is not like bike cleats and is not for walking in. They are for to improve the biomechanical performance and the ability to move the rower to different seat in the boat while keeping the optimal setup.

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