Shift Demountable & Reconfigurable partition system


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Formula brings the first truly demountable, removable and reconfigurable partition system to the Australian market responding to the demand for flexibility in the workplace.

Shift is custom designed to fit any workplace and produced in a modular format so it can be configured into a future space. It has excellent acoustics and a recent installation into the Department of Human Services is a testament to its performance.

Shift is the ideal choice for a partition system that can adapt over time, uses and workspaces. It has high performance credentials with sustainability being the core value in its design.

Key Features


Design Excellence
Shift allows a space to be reconfigured in the workplace as the business changes. The clever modular panels mean the use of a space can also be adapted without waste and disruption.

The system achieves design excellence when it comes to sustainability- its modular, GECA certified, VOC tested, locally produced, recyclable and flexible in style and use.


Design Impact
Shift can be adapted to many interiors due to its modularity and key elements that allow for maximum reuse and flexibility such as height adjustment at the floor and ceiling to accommodate varied site conditions.

The system as maximum longevity as it can be reused without a fitout and also be moved and installed like furniture in a new site in the future.
Shift has been installed into the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Canberra. DHS Green Star rated offices incorporates a future churn plan which required a system to achieve multiple churns at the lowest cost and minimised costly disposal and disruption in the workplace.


Design Transformation
There is a growing demand in office accommodation for flexibility of use of space on a temporary or long term basis. Systems need to be environmentally responsible and cost effective while allowing the end user to change configurations and uses over time.

The design and development of Shift transforms standard partitions and responds to the changing needs of the workplace and the need to dramatically improve on current systems available in this product category.


Design Innovation
To date, many demountable systems leave ceilings and floors damaged reducing the ease to reconfigure. Reconfiguration often meant wasted parts and additional parts required negating any time or cost savings.
Imported systems often create havoc on sites due to long lead times and lack of flexibility to accommodate site conditions.
In response to these constraints, Shift does not screw into the ceiling panels or slab allowing for relocation without the needing patching or repairing.

Unexpected site conditions such as varied floor and ceiling levels are also handled with the unique height adjustability of the system.

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