Sheridan Studios – A One-Stop Interior Shop




1. To design a fresh new lifestyle concept appealing to Sheridan’s new ‘Easy Living’ Customers. A dramatic shift from a traditional Sheridan store.

2. Market research to create a new format improving Customers’ shopping experience.

3. Concept proven a great success; be rolled out nationally across Australia.

With the retail shoppers of today, a fresh new lifestyle concept simply called, ‘Sheridan Studio’ was introduced. Maintaining a network of points of sale, this new store is quite a drastic shift from a traditional Sheridan store. The new concept ‘heroes’ a new range of products including lifestyle and furniture, whilst still promoting Sheridan’s existing range.

Key Features


Improved consumer experience: essential interactive points, where customers can engage both with physical products and explore offline offerings.

Digital touch points strategically located and designed to educate the consumer to new and exciting products.


Fresh look & feel: A fresher more accessible store design to soften the conventional perceptions of the brand. We settled on a clean brand image with elements of an industrial feel to help attract younger more progressive consumers.


Scalable, cost effective design: Each fixture was fit the Client’s budget by value engineering. Cost effective manufacture with minimal wastage and scalable modularity for repeatable rollouts.

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