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Spicers approached us to create a sampler for their new paper family, Pacesetter.

Pacesetter range is a high-performing ‘house’ paper stock for printers all over Australia. A typical paper range might encompass a few coated styles and perhaps an uncoated or two. Pacesetter is different. It’s a bigger family, encompassing adhesives, tints, fluros, and even synthetic stocks. It provides printers with a huge variety of paper types without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Key Features


The name itself inspired us to represent the Pacesetter range through sports imagery, and felt like a good fit for a target audience concerned with performance. Each sample consists of vivid visuals paired with an evocative description, connecting the name of the stock with its qualities and benefit to printers.

Our goal was to showcase the absolute best of each paper stock. The format of the piece, with two sheets each of the \’hero\’ stock, shows how Pacesetter performs when faced with common printing challenges, such as flat colour illustrations beside photography. It\’s practical, tactile and impactful.


The designs have been very well received. As Annie Bunting, Business Development Executive, has said:

\”It is practical, colourful, it shows the amazing printability of the stock AND again, my designers are loving this promotion..\”

And Kerri Turner, Marketing Coordinator, said:

\”After the huge success of the Alchemy pack in the marketplace, we didn’t hesitate to work with Liquorice on our Pacesetter Promotion. The end result was the Pacesetter Family, ‘Set The Pace’ and boy, has it set the pace and has been so well received!\”


For Spicers, an investment in design is critical. A large proportion of their audience is designers and they need to communicate to them on a level they understand.

By designing a sampler that is both a stand-alone artefact of beauty as well as a promotional piece, we were able to create a flagship for the paper family and an object of desire for designers and printers.

We were also mindful that Spicers had other important target audiences, too, so we developed flexible assets which the Spicers marketing team could roll-out through a broader campaign.


We designed the Pacesetter sampler with a concept that talks the talk and then walks the walk. The sports imagery and language creates an aspirational and stylish atmosphere, and follows this up with a practical and tactile experience, showing the paper stock in action on every page.

We worked closely with Adams Print to refine ideas on format, size and speciality finishes, helping Spicers get the most dynamic outcome. This collaboration allowed us to see this sampler from the perspective of one of its intended audiences.

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