Sesame Street: 50 years and counting exhibition


  • T-world
  • The GPT Group
  • Sesame Workshop
  • Haven Global
  • Radio Velvet


Evoking feelings of nostalgia and singing that memorable theme song, this exhibition is a celebration of 50 years of the most iconic children’s television show in history. Curated, designed and installed by Eddie Zammit, the concept of the show was to function like the actual street, the hero of the exhibition is the artworks by 50 artists from across the globe who have re-imagined 50 different characters that have appeared throughout the decades. The details included a replica Mr. Hooper store which enabled visitors to buy exclusive and limited edition merchandise, prints and souvenirs.

Key Features


Alongside Haven and Sesame Workshop, T-world’s Eddie Zammit engaged 50 artists to re-imagine their favourite character. Fifty different characters were used to offer visitors an insight into the imagination and power of the most famous street of them all. Artists were selected from the four corners of the globe to truly showcase the universal force that Sesame Street has become in its anniversary year. “I chose a variety of creative skill-sets to provide diversity for the show,” says Eddie.


30,000+ visitors made the trip down to Sesame Street during November 2019 – January 2020. Since its inception, the aim of Sesame Street was to educate children all over the world. The fact that Sesame Street has a global audience – and in Melbourne of all places – shows the significant impact the show has had on not just children, but adults alike. The re-imagined artworks offered personal insights and observations from the artists who were invited to celebrate this massive milestone for children’s television.


In reality, the show was in planning stages in Australia for an entire decade with T-world’s Eddie Zammit. He had previously helped contribute to the 40th anniversary. However, it was not until 2019 that The GPT Group’s Melbourne Central property had the foresight to invest in the show’s production. After several successful exhibitions, behind the infamous Shot Tower, the environment was extended upon to create truly immersive experience – and to replicate the idea of Sesame Street, right here in Melbourne. The opening night event included a special guest appearance by Big Bird.


Global celebrations were held all around the world but none matched the innovation created by Melbourne’s T-world. “I can honestly say after working with Sesame Street for 25 years, it was truly one of my proudest moments to see what Eddie Zammit as the curator of the Sesame Street exhibition achieved at Melbourne Central. It brought 50 years of history alive, with artwork by 50 talented artists to life. The most wonderful execution,” says Diana Markezic (Business Manager, Haven Licencing Pty. Ltd.)


• 30,000+ x visitors to the free exhibition
• 50 x artist interpretations of 50 characters featured in Sesame Street’s history
• The license fee and royalties from this campaign went to Sesame Workshop, the non-profit media and educational organisation behind Sesame Street, which puts proceeds right back into its mission to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder

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