SensiLab brand identity


  • Clear
  • Monash University, Caulfield


SensiLab is a research lab at Monash University’s Caulfield campus. A team of storytellers, publishers, makers, hackers, designers, developers, gamers, coders, scientists, theorists, luthiers and builders, SensiLab explores the creative possibilities of technology.
Working collaboratively with SensiLab’s team, Clear developed an identity to increase the lab’s presence within the IT sector, while appealing to a broader corporate audience. SensiLab’s new brand was launched as part of the campus’ multi-million dollar redevelopment.

Key Features


To represent SensiLab and its inspirational work in science, tech innovation and design, our brand needed to demonstrate boldness, confidence and authority. Drawing inspiration from the pixel and classic terminal fonts of early DOS, a precise, geometric symbol was paired with a contemporary wordmarque. The brand system uses a grid derived from the symbol, working across all formats and scales. A vibrant colour palette–used to demonstrate a youthful energy and future-focused approach–was paired with monochromatic documentary portraiture. Printed items paired tactile and synthetic stocks at varying sizes with rich spot colours and clear holographic foils.


The new brand and vision for SensiLab intentionally unite contemporary design with early tech, past research and inspiration with a future-facing brand. While SensiLab’s team is diverse, it shares a common goal to create something new. Standing out as an industry professional, while engaging and inspiring honour students, the brand succeeds in appealing to a wide audience as it expresses something bold, new and slightly unusual. The brand also integrates well with the Monash brand guidelines, establishing the University as a leader in IT and innovation while establishing a clear balance between it and SensiLab’s own identity.


Challenging the perceptions of the IT department, the new identity has transformed SensiLab from a quiet presence within Monash University to leaders in the ever-evolving new media space, an industry professional worthy of both corporate and student audiences. The brand feels elevated among its peers in tech and represents SensiLab’s design focus. It appears on the building itself and throughout the Monash campus–uniting art, design, architecture, production and tech – welcoming all designers and artists visiting the Monash campus.


SensiLab’s own cross-disciplinary proficiencies were considered and utilised throughout the project. The identity is applied holistically, across numerous mediums–From print publications, stationery, to web, animation, photography, wayfinding, illuminated signage and even a customised circuit board. This consistent application delivers a resolved brand, flexible for all executions. The added strength in SensiLab’s brand is present in the success of how it can communicate who SensiLab is–both inside and outside of Monash University.

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