Seniors Online Victoria


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Seniors Online is a Victorian Government website that provides useful information, services, directories and health-related content to older Victorians. The site is the primary source of Victorian Seniors Card and Victorian Seniors Festival information. While technological literacy is increasing, not all older Victorians are confident seeking information online. Seniors Online implements a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate design that is directly aimed at supporting and educating the online habits of this growing demographic. Through a mobile responsive design format, the site provides seniors with information such as discount offers, activities and events while they are out based on their mobile device GPS.

Key Features


Mobile-friendly design, location-based logic to display Seniors Card information and discounts to users ‘on-the-go’.


Host of Victorian Seniors Festival, one month of social, cultural, educational and well-being events. Uses location-based logic and hosts all events with links to private calendars and booking availability.


Information assisting with ageing positively – public transport, activities directories, blogs, support services and content syndicated from Government Better Health Channel and Switch On websites.


Seniors Card Age Friendly Partners Program – addressing consumer/social inclusion issues online through discount energy plans, technology training via ‘self-teach’ videos.


Direct links to the National Health Services Directory allowing searches for local services .

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