Self Aligning Gate Hinge – Coilklik


  • Safetech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd


The Coilklik self-aligning gate hinge has an internal mechanism designed to perform one of the most time-consuming tasks typically associated with hanging a gate. The Coilklik hinge will make it easy to line up the fence hinge and latch posts for smooth movement and latching of the gate, even if the fence’s hinge or latch posts are not perfectly parallel or have moved over time.

Key Features


Engineered UV resistant polymers, rust resistant stainless-steel pins & springs and a limited lifetime warranty all add up to a long-wearing product that customers can rely on.


These alignment & adjustment features save time for the professional gate installer and makes the installation job a lot easier for a DIY installer


The most time consuming part of hanging a gate is the alignment of the gate and the post to ensure the gate will close securely. For the professional; money is time and for the DIY it’s simple – it just makes the job easier. What could be simpler than using the supplied allen-key or drill bit to adjust the alignment for the perfect close. Our allen-key will also allow you to adjust and reset the tension of the self-closing feature of these hinges.


Safetech Hardware’s unique horizontal adjustment is accomplished by a coil-based system that requires only the supplied allen key or a cordless electric drill bit. The key or bit is inserted into the side of the hinge mechanism and is used to precisely adjust in either direction the horizontal line-up between the gate-latching mechanism and the latch post. Tension adjustment is set using the same allen key to quickly increase or decrease self-closing tension.


Perfect for aluminium, steel, timer or vinyl gates
Treated, rust resistant materials used
No lubrication required
Simply allen-key operation for alignment & tension adjustment

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