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As Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network, Seed is building a movement of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people taking action on climate change. Working closely with Seed, we created an identity to echo the diversity and vibrancy of the young people fighting for a just and sustainable future. The brand has evolved across a website, printed collateral, t-shirts, social media and much more.

Key Features


Design Excellence
Collaborating with Seed from the very beginning has allowed the brand to grow alongside the organisation. From naming to design concept, having a clear identity has helped Seed to establish themselves as a strong Indigenous voice on climate change in a short amount of time.
In communicating climate change to young Aboriginal and Torres strait islander people, it has been essential to balance the serious content with simple ways to make real change in local communities.


Design Transformation
Working to design an accessible identity for Seed has helped to create pathways for hundreds of young Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to engage with the issue of climate change.

Developing the brand across printed resources such as postcards has facilitated young people to have conversations about climate change within their community, while developing online resources such as social media graphics and the Seed website has shown the diversity and vibrancy of the young volunteers who make up this incredibly important organisation.


Design Impact
Creating a consistent identity for Seed has helped to build a strong donor base, ensuring the organisation has a sustainable source of independent funding. Within the first few weeks of launching, $5000 had been secured in one-off and recurring donations, and thousands of people have added their signature to Seed’s Indigenous youth climate declaration. Furthermore, Seed’s strong identity has helped them to become a respected voice within both environmental and indigenous advocacy sectors in less than a year. In part this is measurable by the strong national media coverage they have gained, featuring on national radio and television.


Design Innovation
Seed is unique, and it has been essential to craft an identity that reflects this. It’s rare to see a brand that expresses Indigenous Australians as a strong and powerful voice, let alone showing the importance their voice on such a divisive issue as climate change. Through uncompromising imagery and typography, Seed challenges the notion that Aboriginal and Torres strait islanders are small voice who will stand for poor leadership on climate change.

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