Second Sight Virtual Art Walk


  • Art Gallery of Ballarat
  • Demi Gerardi
  • Federation University Australia


The aim of this project was to create a new experience in the Art Gallery of Ballarat through the use of Augmented Reality as a platform to expand the general public’s horizons. An Augmented Reality powered experience that hopes to connect people with an artwork in an entirely new way. After researching the challenges major art galleries and museums currently face, I discovered that a major concern involved issues of remaining relevant due to social and cultural change, audience expectations, engaging interpretation and cultural hubs.

Key Features


Creating Augmented Reality requires a combination of technical/design skills and imagination. The activated result is effective, immersive, emotional and engaging. Augmented Reality is gaining popularity daily through the distinct feature of real time interaction between the physical and digital world. This is an excellent design solution for any organisation when created and designed of a high standard – successfully achieving design outcomes and goals through the innovative emerging technology of Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality is a technology that is predicted to continue to grow in the near future. Innovative projects showcased around the world have shown us that Augmented Reality has incredible commercial value and future potential. Augmented Reality continues to gain success in every field it is used, providing great opportunities to delight the user with virtual experiences. As technology continues to advance in this Digital Age businesses will need to embrace new technology in order to remain relevant and compete with consumer demands. Traditional institutions are fighting to stay relevant in an increasingly digital media landscape – embracing Augmented Reality can resolve this issue.


These issues galleries face with pleasing such a broad audience can be solved through the use of the technology of Augmented Reality to create new engaging and entertaining experiences with the collection of artworks on show. Augmented Reality has the advantage of being impermanent, inexpensive and a choice of individual audience to participate. Augmented Reality is perfect for appealing to a broad range of audiences who desire different gallery experiences.


Augmented Reality is an emerging but effective technology platform that is beginning to impact industry in multiple ways. Augmented Reality offers the potential to add digital layers to the oldest artworks in the collection on display at any art gallery around the world, creating new experiences – mixing the old with the new. This results a fresh way to view classical masterpieces and educate audiences about hidden details, interesting facts or make social comment having a positive impact on society, as well as being a digital asset reducing material waste.


Augmented Reality, Animation, Visual Identity Design, Application Design/Mockup Design, Filming and Video Editing.

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