Seam Dining Chair (Outdoor)


  • Tait


Through a simple series of cuts, folds and joins, the Seam outdoor dining chair is materialised with elegant and precise form. The Seam collection is conceived with a design process not dissimilar to the way in which a piece of fabric is tailored into a form-fitting garment, a refined ‘seam’ along the spine of the chair making reference to a seam detail used in garment construction. Forging a novel design method through working with sheet metal as if it were a seamstress gesturing fabric on a mannequin, Seam offers a fresh approach to conventional design and construction.

Key Features


The Seam chair shell is formed and folded from a singular piece of sheet aluminium, with ends meeting to form a ‘seam’ along the spine of the chair.

A natural water drainage point is created at the base of the shell, doubling as a practical handle for moving the chair as required.

Perfectly pressed and moulded contours offer increased levels of comfort and functionality.

The chair is designed for disassembly, aiding economical transport and minimising environmental footprint.

The chair is extremely durable, utilising high performance materials including Aluminium, thermally modified timber and hard-wearing UV stable powder coat.


The chair has a long product lifecycle. Once the product comes to the end of its life it can be easily refurbished by re-powder coating the shell or replacement of the legs. Additionally, the aluminium chair shell can be recycled.

The chair is designed for disassembly, aiding economical transport and minimising environmental footprint.

The chair is made with extremely durable materials including corrosion-resistant aluminium and stainless steel, thermally modified and dimensionally stable timbers, hard-wearing textured UV stable powder coat and water-based protective timber coating.


Melbourne based industrial designer Adam Cornish approached the design concept by beginning to cut, fold and join small scale paper models. Similar to the act of tailoring a piece of fabric into a garment, Cornish worked with the paper models to develop the final form and shape of the Seam chair shell. Working closely with Tait, Cornish then translated the paper pattern to work with aluminium sheet metal, forming and folding the sheet in much the same way.


The design approach of working with sheet metal in a similar manner to the tailoring of a garment.

The legs can be disassembled for economical transport, minimising environmental impact and can even be replaced should they come to the end of their life.


– A selection of either timber or stainless steel for the chair legs. Timber options include Natural Accoya, White Accoya, Black Accoya and warmer-toned Cambia.

– You can select from a range of textured powder-coat colours for the chair shell.

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