Schweppes Glass and PET Bottle Redesign


  • Birdstone Collective
  • Schweppes Australia


Schweppes, known for it’s quality mixers and sparking beverages, has come under increased threat from alternatives in the retail space.

Birdstone was engaged to design a new, ownable replacement for the traditional Schweppes glass and PET bottles, to reestablish the brand as an upper mainstream alternative to private label.

The brief was to create a contemporary version of the iconic Schweppes omelette bottle that could be replicated in multiple sizes and materials.

Key Features


The final design features an elegant long and unique waist where the traditional Schweppes shape meets the solid base. Additional height creates a more premium feel and allows an increased label area.

Our contemporary design provides differentiation from standard competitors in a crowded market, whilst staying true to the traditional elements important to the Schweppes brand.

Working from ideation through to final specification on both the PET and Glass designs allowed us to ensure the design could be manufactured in both materials, without compromising the integrity of the original concept.

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